S&T Sutures for Microsurgery

All micro needles are work hardened of high quality stainless AISI 300 series steel. Grinding geometry and overall work procedures facilitate frictionless tissue penetration. The flat pressed body assures an optimal stability in the needleholder, the side pressing guarantees best bending resistance. All manufacturing processes are rigidly inspected under the microscope. A final inspection of each suture-needle-combination assures a high quality product. The thread to needle attachments is tested to higher requirements than USP specifications.

Polyamid 6.6, monofilament, black

  • the standard microsurgical suture
  • smooth surface for easy passage through tissue
  • allows accurate placement of knots
  • reduced tissue reaction


Choose out of the following products:

  • Type V Taper Point
    Standard needle for all types of anastomoses

  • Type C Taper-Lux
    Excellent for anastomosis of vessels and nerves

  • Type M Lancet Point, flat
    The ophthalmic needle with the outstanding features


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