Vessel Dilators

S&T Vessel dilators feature highly polished parallel tips. They are designed for controlled, interluminal vessel dilation. S&T offers a wide range of styles to meet your specific requirements.

The special ball point form of the tips ensures that the dilating pressure is evenly distributed over the entire area of the vessel. This dilator form was especially designed for use in microsurgery and is extremely gentle to small vessels.

S&T finishes these forceps to the most exacting specifications, ensuring that form, surface and dimensions are exactly within the parameters defined by the developer surgeons.

The mirror-polished surface of the dilator's working area under magni-fication. This ensures that unnecessary traumatic damage to the vessel interior is avoided. The form of these dilators was developed to open the vessel over the entire spasm-affected area in a parallel fashion. Thus the entire dilated area is opened to the same diameter, and the pressure is distributed evenly.

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